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November 11th, 2015 – Come check out our new Instagram feed :)

October 22nd, 2015 – 12th Annual Kava Festival pictures posted here

July 25 – 26: International Conference on Kava 2015. Wonderful group of friends and colleagues.  Nice to be surrounded by greatness (Dr. Vincent Lebot, Dr. Mathias Schmidt, Dr. Chengguo Xing, Jerry Konanui)

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Long time Kava consumer, Kava Candy FANATIC!


Well, I am no stranger to Kava.Ive consumed Kava for years now, and have aquired a certain level of consistency and quality with my root.  That being said, Kava Candys rock.This isnt my first time consuming these, and it wont be the last!I love traditional root, and while nothing can really beat it. Id have to say these are pretty close to the effects. And its a lot easier to pop a candy in the mouth, rather bust out some root, and work it in a bowl of water at work! “Imagine the look the boss would give you”I eat 2 of these at a time, the flavors a clean orange flavor, the center has that earthy kava overtone without that gag you while neeing a chaser effect that traditional root will do to you.They come in a blister pack, which makes it easy “a little too easy” to pop one out and RelaX!

I dont chew them, I let them desolve slowly that way it absorbs through the tounge and you dont have to worry about not eating for a couple hours before hand in order to get a good effect.I drink A LOT of Kava “everyday” and have been for years, I would for sure reccomend these for someone who has expierence with the root. And its super good for a new comer. For those who never had Kava It is a diuretic so make sure you drink some H20. The effects are beautiful. It will give you soft eyes “verything has a slight softness to it, in a good way” It is a relaxant and really makes it able for you to just “chill” and not let the normal stuff bother you Its GREAT for muscle soreness, and really loosens you up.

You can get a euphoria like feeling that really helps with anxiety, and depression, and it really helps with collecting your thoughts.These candys are well worth the cash, plus shippings fast so if you are really looking for something to help you out, these will help get you there. I really suggest those out there to check out the forums on Kava, we have a whole community dedicated to this wonderful root. search “Kava Forums”Bula!


Kava Forums

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Steve George

Steve George


Founder & Owner of Ozia Originals – maker of Kava Kava Candy located in Aiea, Hawaii.


Please feel free to contact me for any questions.  Aloha, Steve