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The Quick & Dirty


What is this stuff?

Kava Kava Candy is simply the only patented stress relief candy infused with super premium kava root and flavored up with creamy orange. We’ve also added a tad of high quality lemon balm and chamomile to round out those edges.


What is Kava?

Known as the peace plant, Kava (Kava Kava or ‘Awa in Hawaiian) is indigenous to the South Pacific and comes from the Pepper Family. It is commonly used to calm ones soul by relieving stress & anxiety and has deep cultural, religious, and political uses.


Do the candies work?

These candies are rated “medium” on the strength scale. We carefully developed a formula using a good balance of functional ingredients so you can ease stress naturally while staying functional for life’s important challenges. Our customers report that one or two pieces can get you from an 8-9 on the stress scale down to a 4-5.


Does it taste good?

Put it this way ~ we are not going to win any taste competitions anytime soon. Kava is naturally very bitter & traditionally looks and tastes like muddy water.  We are doing our best to mask the bitterness as much as possible but be prepared for an earthy, orange creamsicle that numbs your mouth.  Like a fine wine…we hope nature grows on you.
Well, I am no stranger to Kava.Ive consumed Kava for years now, and have aquired a certain level of consistency and quality with my root.  That being said, Kava Candys rock.This isnt my first time consuming these, and it wont be the last!I love traditional root, and while nothing can really beat it. Id have to say these are…(full review) endwatcher

Kava Community,

Our stress relief candy is made from natural kava root and can help take the edge off your busy work day. As a small business in Hawaii, we have sent Kava Candy to over 30 countries and have officially had over 1 million pieces of candy produced and served to our awesome tribe.  ALWAYS GRATEFUL & THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!


Owner, Kava Candy